Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
September 24, 1996 (1:30 - 2:30)

Attending: Mike Kearney, Katie McGee, Mike Dettinger, Emily Corse, 
Kristin Nelson, Jim Johnson

- Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary:
- Discussed issues with performance, people data extracts and updates
- First Call staff going live. SAS using knowledgebase feature.
- Documentation, token contention, interaction among groups are 
additional issues to be addressed

To Do:
MK - Distribute a copy of the APTeam Charge to the group.


- We bid a farewell to Emily as this is her last meeting with the team.  
We wish her good luck in her future endeavors.

- Steering Committee is 10/28/96.  They are looking for a report on the 
effectiveness of Apriori.

- Bonnie Gibson requested a pre-Steering committee meeting on 10/16/96.
  (Did this happen?)

Old Business

- MacX --> You should have the latest version of MacOS before running,
       --> Apriori (mfsupport) client problem may be due to a bad 
           password or a value in the password field of the Host 
           User record.
       --> Buying MacX - Supported approx. $100, Unsupported approx. $75.

- Bad Data in the Data Base --> Send email to Jim Johnson.  He will 
                                investigate it further.

- The Email change log is ready.  The recommended course of action is to 
  reload the entire database.

- Jim also recommended a weekly update over a daily update.

- Dept. data is missing from staff records.  The work on this element has 
  been scheduled, but is not, as of 9/24/96, started.

- This data extract is not for the sole benefit of this pilot.  Many 
  other groups are benefiting from this effort.  For example, the Library.

- Under the current configuration, Host Users can inadvertently change 
  Client records.  A business meeting for the Host Users may be 
  beneficial for clarification in this matter. This meeting should be a 
  joint SAS and ISC venture.

New Business

- A nice-to-have: A trigger to generate Email when an incident is  

- Katie conducted the meeting from the halfway point and took notes from 
  this point forward.  The discussion was base on the proposed 
  presentation to the steering committee, again on the 28th of this month. 

Minutes by MBD.
Feel free to add comments and/or corrections.