Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
January 7, 1997 

Attending: Mike Kearney, Katie McGee, Mike Dettinger, Lila Shapiro,
Kristin Nelson, Jim Johnson

- Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary:
We will handle demos, disk upgrades, affiliation data addition, 
documentation processes.
Our next focus (after Feb. 1) is on recommendations for moving from the 
pilot to production.

We still should have a test environment for evaluating changes prior to 

JJ - notify LS prior to changes in the data structure requiring an update of 
all records
KM - test what happens when two users modify or access the same incident
MK & LS - review the stress test data
MK - make arrangements for Medical School demo
MK - message Apriori-L for status of 2.2 version final release
MK - obtain price quote for unlimited licenses

Meeting Details:

Minutes (MK) - we need minutes from the last few meetings posted

New equipment (hard drive) is due in within the next few weeks and may be 
installed by the end of the month.

Old Business

Client Data Update

New fields (JJ) - Bill Gilmore is scheduled to be available January 15th to 
work on the affiliation data modifications.  This is to meet the January 24th 
delivery date.

Data update (MK) - Some trouble with the update due to space limitations, 
then time limits.  Both were fixed manually.  Postponing the backup gives 
enough time for the update to complete.  The automated update process is 
solid at this point.
Affiliation data changes will cause an update of all records. Lila should 
be alerted prior to this change so she can monitor system issues.

Document Quality Assurance (KN) - Subgroup is working on modifying 
documents based on changes to the symptom list.  
Index structure is under review and a proposal for changes should be 
available next meeting.  
Next step is to delve into the processes for document review.

12/20 Stress test (MD & MK) - Apriori worked fine during the stress 
test on 12/20/96. Had up to 12 concurrent users.  The PC client seemed to 
use alot of cycles on connect, but then settled down.
Next test - Try to push the 20 user limit.  Use 2.2 version (beta with 
fully loaded data).  Add reporting to the test.

Support in Residence Demo - To be held Friday @ 3PM Market St.

New Business

Demo for Medical School - MK will make arrangements for this demo

Next steps -
- HandsFree working with Apriori 2.2
- Setup form to enter information to Apriori (in place of e-mail trigger)

Steering Committee - The question is... Affiliation data within Apriori.  
How can it be used in the new restructuring model for computing support?
Steering committee meeting is next Monday 1-3.

Minutes recorded by Kristin Nelson