Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
March 4, 1997

Attending: Mike Kearney, Katie McGee, Mike Dettinger, Mike Firstenberg,
Lila Shapiro, Kristin Nelson, Jim Johnson

- Meeting Agenda
- Penn Apriori Service Model document

Meeting Summary:
- 2.2 update installed on a test configuration.
- Steering Committee requests a business plan
- Documentation proposal for current staffing with understanding of 
need to increase staffing.
- Changes to database to accomodate affiliation data

Meeting Details:

- Apriori 2.2 successfully installed.  It advertises better performance.
Mike D. will make the new Apriori client available.

- A record number of Apriori tokens were used (15)

- Steering Committee Meeting - The steering committee is looking for a
business plan containing actual costs and in-kind services.  The document
provided to the committee was distributed to the team and discussed.

- Documentation - For now we will implement an editorial function for
Apriori documents, but we may need to add problem reports in order to
queue documents and document requests to specific indexes.  We propose
that technical reviews will be provided by small contributions (in-kind)
for now and that a single technical writer is best for the editorial
review.  For the future, we'd like to have a larger technical review
component to the process.  We will need to elaborate on this as the
project progresses.

- Client data - Jim J. recommended various field changes to handle the
issue of affiliation.

Minutes recorded by Kristin Nelson.