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Services for Local Providers Pilot Project
Results of Super User Group Meeting - 11 November 1996 The following is a summary of the issues identified by the Super Users Group. The first number in the left column indicates the number of dots received in a vote that asked each super user to spend three dots per category identifying their highest priority issues. The second number indicates the number of groups (from a total of 4) that listed the issue on their charts of the five or six highest priorities in each category.

Problems / Missed Opportunities

21/3 Training (End user education, professional development, training resources)

13/2 Support when and where (off hours, remote, house calls)

12/1 Creeping scope (increased responsibility / no increase in resources)

11/3 Aggregated buying power (volume/site purchase, maintenance, consulting)

6/1 Identifying LSP for ISC support services (access to ISC expertise)

6/2 Communication (timely distribution of information, avoid duplication of effort)

6/3 New and emerging technologies (evaluating, adopting, deploying)
they don't have time/resources to keep up to date

4/2 Remote connectivity (isp, university affiliation questions, ...)

4/1 Standards (Setting, Communicating)

2/1 Help for non-ISC supported products (modems, network)

1/1 Planning

Services / Resources

24.5/4 Aggregated access to support providers issues (below)
   19.5/3 Direct access to experts ("second level" contact into ISC, web form for service)
   5/1 Database of primary and secondary support providers (ISC and local)

19/3 Aggregated training issues (below)
   11/1 "Basic training for all new end-users centrally provided"
   4/1 Provider of service training
   4/1 Training materials / training

12/3 Contract support services (installation, off-hours, coverage, off-site, peak periods)

11.5/2 Uniform desktop installation package (custom for Penn, easy to install)

10/3 Central networking support (better IP database, routing protocols)

10/2 Site/volume pricing, maintenance contracts, vendor contacts

1/1 Timely distribution of new software, information, docs

1/1 Tech "readers digest" of developments

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