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Services for Local Providers Pilot Project
Super User Group Meeting - 11 November 1996 The pilot met with the Super Users Group to present its work to date and to gather feedback to guide the next phase of the pilot. The work presented included a set of principles for services for local providers and an outline of five approaches to services for local providers, each with an associated funding strategy and relevant example services from the current portfolio. All of the work is based on the framework provided by the New Model for Computing Services Across Penn.

The bulk of the meeting was spent on an exercise designed to identify local support provider priorities for services under the new model. Four groups, each consisting of ten to fifteen super users, completed the exercise and then reported back to the larger group. The larger group was then asked to vote with dots (three red and three green to be spent separately in the problem/missed opportunities and resources/services categories) as a way of prioritizing among the issues identified by the groups. The results of the exercise will inform our efforts as we inventory existing services, continue to assess client needs and priorities, identify best practices elsewhere, and recommend organizational and funding strategies for specific services to be provided under the new model. Local support providers who were unable to attend the meeting are encouraged to respond to the on-line version of the exercise we used to gather feedback from the super users.

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