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PPS Overview

Log in Leaving Voice website to PennNet Phone Service (PPS) with your PennKey and password. Please refer to the PennKey website Leaving Voice website for complete information about PennKeys.

What is PPS?

PPS is a web service that allows you to manage certain telephone features and voice mail options from a web browser. With PPS, you can adjust these PennNet Phone settings at anytime:

  • Redirect incoming calls to any telephone (landline or cellular)
  • Reject incoming calls that don't have Caller ID
  • Block your Caller ID from being sent on outgoing calls
  • Change your voice mail delivery method to suit your message needs
  • Turn off envelope information or Caller ID information while listening to voice mail messages
  • Reset your voice mail password
  • Designate a proxy to make adjustments or changes to your PennNet Phone account. A proxy can be any member of the Penn community who has a valid PennKey and password. An individual does not have to be a PennNet Phone subscriber in order to be assigned proxy privileges. For tips and best practices on how to assign a proxy to manage your PennNet Phone account, see Proxy Usage Tips.

Requirements and Tips for Using PPS

  • Browser Requirements - You may use any of the currently supported web browsers Leaving Voice website to access PPS.

    PennNet Phone Account Settings - With the exception of your voice mail delivery method, your PennNet Phone settings are automatically set to off when your account is activated.

    PennNet Phone Settings Default PennNet Phone Settings Default
    Advance One off Call Forward on No Answer off
    Call Forward on Busy off Call Waiting on
    Call Forward All off Reject Anonymous off
    Play Caller ID* off * Requires subscription to voice mail services.
    Scheduler off    
    Voice Mail Delivery Method * Pre-selected by the person authorized to order telephone service Play Envelope* off
  • Real Time Changes - After you have updated your telephone features or voice mail options, click the Submit button located at the bottom of the page. Your changes take place immediately.

  • Passwords - Voice mail passwords must be a minimum of 6 digits and a maximum of 15 digits. Passwords cannot be consecutive numbers (e.g., 12345678) nor the same number (e.g, 22222222). Additionally, do not use numbers that can be easily guessed by others like your birthday or house address. Your voice mail password should only be used for accessing your mailbox. Do not use your voice mail password as a password for other accounts at Penn or elsewhere on the web.

  • Proxy Access - Before giving someone proxy access to your account or acting as a proxy for an account, review the Proxy Usage Tips. Key topics in this brief document include "Assigning and accepting proxy access," "When to use proxies," and "Alternatives to using a proxy."

  • Help - Click on the yellow icons for information about a field or feature. If you need additional assistance, please contact your Telephone Support Provider (TSP).

  • Logging Out - When you are ready to end your session, click Log Out in the left navigation column. If you're using a public workstation or a shared computer and you forget to log out, another person would be able to access your PennNet Phone account.


Page updated on March 18, 2010

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