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PennNet Phone Benefits & Feature

PennNet Phone offers new and different ways to manage phone calls, expanding your ability to stay connected “anytime and anywhere” with your peers, colleagues, customers, family, and friends.

When you subscribe to PennNet Phone, you can:

  • Better manage your voice mail messages: Receive and check messages by phone or listen to your messages anywhere you have access to a web browser. Messages received in email are accessible as .wav audio file attachments.

  • Be more accessible to callers: Manage call forward from anywhere you have access to a web browser.

  • Save time: Manage your own voice mail passwords. You can change passwords and reset forgotten passwords without having to contact Networking & Telecommunication's Customer Service. Passwords are changed in real time.

  • Be more efficient: Let someone else make adjustments or changes to your PennNet Phone account when you're unable to do so. Your proxy can manage your account by logging into the PennNet Phone Services web application with their own PennKey  and password.

  • Select from a variety of PennNet Phone handsets: Choose the handset features that best suit your needs: a 2 line set (Polycom 320/321), a 4 line set (Polycom 550), a 6 line set (Polycom 650), or a single line set designed for conference rooms or conference calling (Polycom 6000).

  • Access more caller information: Easily view information on a larger display screen; conveniently track missed, received, and placed calls; enjoy one-touch access to voice mail; search and display results from the public view of the Penn Directory.

  • Enjoy popular calling features: Use these favorite calling features:
      • Advance One
      • Anonymous Call Rejection
      • Call Forward All
      • Call Forward on Busy
      • Call Forward on Ring No Answer
      • Call Hold
      • Call Transfer
      • Call Waiting
      • Caller ID
      • Caller ID Block
      • Do Not Disturb
      • Message Waiting Lamp
      • Scheduler
      • Stutter Message Waiting
      • Three-Way Conference Calling
  • A Word About Support: Many organizations on campus have a staff member in their business office who coordinates (and is more familiar with processing) phone requests. You may want to ask this person to report any line problem(s).Working with a designated staff member is particularly helpful when more than one phone line in an area is without service.

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