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Traditional Telephone to be Discontinued in 2014:
How Do I Switch to PennNet Phone?

Information Systems & Computing (ISC) will discontinue traditional telephone service on July 1, 2014. To take advantage of additional cost savings offered in the Switch Now Discount program, offices and departments are encouraged to upgrade to PennNet Phone service now. Offices and departments remaining on traditional telephone service will pay a significant increase in cost in FY15.

Start the Switch in 2 Easy Steps

If you are authorized to order phone service, do the following to start the process of switching from traditional telephone service to PennNet Phone:

  1. Gather the budget codes of the departments and offices with which you are responsible
  2. Call the ISC Service Desk, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 215-746-6000 or email service-requests@isc.upenn.edu with your budget code information

It's that easy. We know you're busy and we will work with you so that your switch to PennNet Phone takes up more of our time than yours.

Save More with the Switch Now Discount - But for a Limited Time Only

To commemorate the final phase of moving the campus from analog to VoIP-based telephone service, ISC is waiving line activation and port conversion fees for traditional telephone users upgrading to PennNet Phone. This is a significant savings for departments and offices. For example, for offices of 10 or more this is a minimum savings of $1300. But don't delay! The Switch Now Discount runs until June 28, 2013 and departments and offices remaining on traditional telephone service will incur higher costs for remaining on analog service.


  • Save more by switching now
    Because PennNet Phone has features that allow customers to reduce the number of telephone lines needed to serve a department, it provides an opportunity for additional cost savings by reducing overall telephone inventory.  ISC will work closely with departments to conduct comprehensive telephone reviews that will identify telephone numbers and voice mail boxes that are in use as well as those telephone numbers that have not had any long distance calls placed from them for the past  12 months.  The reviews should potentially result in reducing the number of telephone lines and voice mail boxes currently in use.

  • Traditional telephone costs will increase in FY15
    Departments that do not schedule their migration during FY13 will pay higher costs associated with remaining on the traditional phone infrastructure. FY13 may be the last year that ISC will waive telephone line and port activation fees associated with upgrading to PennNet Phone.

  • Do more anytime, anywhere with PennNet Phone
    PennNet Phone basic features and handsets provide unparalleled mobility over traditional service – with PennNet Phone, you can listen to voice mail messages via email and manage telephone and voice mail features, such as call forwarding, anytime and anywhere you have access to a web browser.




Page updated on November 07, 2012

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