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What is PennNet Phone?

PennNet Phone is Information Systems & Computing’s (ISC) new telephone and voice mail service that uses VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. VoIP converts your voice into data and transports it over PennNet. Because VoIP is digital, it offers a host of features and benefits not available with traditional analog phone service. 

Featured with PennNet Phone is a new integrated voice mail service and web service. The new web service, PPS, allows you to manage certain telephone features and voice mail options anywhere you have access to a web browser. The new voice mail service enables you to receive your voice mail messages as an email file attachment. Another option is to receive notification about new voice mail messages via email.

Why VoIP Now?

Voice over IP is increasingly becoming a more viable option for voice services. Technology improvements are reducing the gap in quality between traditional voice services and VoIP and the additional services enabled by VoIP as well as the potential for savings makes this a clear direction for the future. As we plan for the future, we recognize that much of the University’s existing telephone infrastructure consists of cables that were laid more than 50 years ago. Before the existing telephone infrastructure requires expensive replacement or repairs, we want to be prepared to ensure that Penn’s telephone service continues to be reliable and keeps pace with new services and features as they become available. The goal is to deploy a dependable, cost-effective, and easily supported VoIP service over the next three years.

ISC continues to develop new functionality for PennNet Phone Service, voice mail, and PPS and will offer a wider variety of handsets in the near future. For more information about VoIP at Penn, contact


Page updated on March 18, 2010

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