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Installing the Apache/Websec Module

Server administrators who wish to install the Apache/Websec module which will allow them to secure static web pages using PennKey authentication via new directives in .htaccess files, need to do the following:
  1. Install Apache
    There are two Apache/Websec modules, one for Apache 1.x and one for Apache 2.x. Install either version of Apache.

  2. Install the websec client.
    The websec client software is available on our authorized download site. Please contact to obtain authorization, if necessary. Information on installing the websec client is available.

  3. Register a websec application.
    You will need a websec application that will be used by Apache whenever Apache finds the appropriate directives in a .htaccess file on your server. This websec application must have a customized login and failure page. The starting page for this application will be a redirect page that will take the user to the restricted requested page. You can register your application with ISC through the websecapp-register web application.

  4. Install the Apache/Websec module.
    The Apache/Websec module software is available on our authorized download site. Download the appropriate package for your version of Apache.
    Apache 1.x www_htpas_access
    Apache 2.x mod_websec

    Please contact to obtain authorization, if necessary. Follow the instructions packaged with the software to install. The application registered above will be the application you will use to define WEBSEC_HTPAS_APP when installing the Apache/Websec module.

  5. Review documentation for securing your static pages

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