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ISC Web Hosting Service - Site Profiles

When requesting a new site or virtual host that will run on the ISC web hosting service, the requestor must fill out a site profile that lists elements and/or sensitive data that the site may be using. Additionally we ask that customers update their site profiles at least once a year so that we may be aware of vulnerabilities that our customers may be facing and we can help our customers prepare for those vulnerabilities.

Sample Form

ISC is developing the site profile process at this time and will contact existing customers when we are ready to start accepting site profiles from our customers. In the interim, here's a sample of the form that we will be asking our customers to fill out.

Profile submitted by:
Primary contact:
Security contact:
Site registered in Critical Components:
Scripting: CGI
Regularly scheduled job
Database: Text-based
Content Management System (CMS): Version:
Other (please specify product and version number):

Last updated:
Next planned update:
Computing Security policy
Sensitive personally identifiable information (Information relating to an individual that reasonably identifies the individual and, if compromised, could cause significant harm to that individual or to Penn. Examples may include, but are not limited to, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account information, student grades or disciplinary information, salary or employee performance information, donations, patient health information, information Penn has promised to keep confidential, and account passwords or encryption keys used to protect access to confidential University data.)
Proprietary information (Data, information, or intellectual property in which the University has an exclusive legal interest or ownership right, which, if compromised, could cause significant harm to Penn. Examples may include, but are not limited to, business planning, financial information, trade secrets, copyrighted material, and software, or comparable material from a third party when the University has agreed to keep such material confidential.)
Other data (Other data whose disclosure would cause significant harm to Penn or its constituents.)

If you are storing sensitive data, please give a brief explanation of the kind of data you are storing.
Is there some other software that you are using to support your site that you want to include in your site profile, e.g., PHPMyadmin?
There have been no changes to the site profile in the last year:

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