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Penn WebLogin - WMC Delegations

As a KAdmin you have the ability to create user delegations within the WebLogin Management Console (WMC). By doing so, you delegate administrative authority to a user for your domain within the WMC. Delegations are created with expiration dates, and may be set as read-only if desired. More granular permission setting is not available (i.e. create but can not delete).

Adding a User Delegation

  1. Log into the WMC application.
  2. Select the User Management link in the top-right menu. (#1)
  3. Select the Add New User Delegation link in the top-right menu. (#2)
  4. Enter the pennkey of the user which you would like to grant authority to for CoSign registrations. (#3)
  5. Select the domains which you would like to grant to this user. You can hold the Ctrl button while making selections to select more than one domain. (#4)
  6. If you would like the user to have read-only access to these domain check the Read-Only checkbox. (#5)
  7. Set the appropriate expiration for this delegation. After that date, the delegate will lose their authority for the selected domain(s). (#6)
  8. Finally, click the save button to save your modifications.

Modifying an Existing User Delegation

If a user was previously a delegate and no longer has access, there delegation most likely expired. KAdmins have the ability to modify or delete existing account delegations through the WMC tool. If the user delegation has expired, then you should delete the expired delegation and create a new one for the user.
  1. Log into the WMC application.
  2. Select the User Management link in the top-right menu. (#1)
  3. Select the List User Delegations link in the top-right menu. (#2)
  4. Select the domain (#4) next to the username (#3) you would like to delete the delegation for.
  5. On the next screen, confirm the correct username and domain have been selected. Click the delete link.
  6. Confirm you want to the delete the delegation by clicking the "Delete" button.
  7. The delegation will be deleted and the change will be effective immediately.
  8. If you would like to create a new delegation for the user, follow the instructions above under the "Adding a User Delegation" section.

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