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Penn WebLogin - WMC Search

Users who have been authorized to use the WebLogin Management Console (WMC), our application that allows you to register and manage WebLogin services, can search through all authorized domains using text strings.

In the Service Registration tab in WMC, you will see an option to "Search" at the top of the screen. Choose that link and you will see the Search form:

Service Registrations
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Name Created Expiration Status Platform Reauth Protocol Creator Owner
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To search, you can enter a text string and the search will find registration records that contain that string as a whole bounded word. This search behavior is more like what happens when you use quotes around your search term in Google. When searching for just a text string, the search engine is case insensitive.

You can also qualify your search and use one of the following filters so that you can search for a word within a specific field:
  • creator:
  • description:
  • developer_email: - You do not need to enter the fully qualified email address; you can just enter the left-hand side of the email address
  • domain: - These are domains as they appear in WMC, i.e., do not add
  • expiration:
  • name:
  • owner:
  • platform:
  • protocol_version:
  • require_reauth: - Can be either Yes or No
  • status:
  • validation_handler_url:
For example, if you wish to search for pennuser as the "owner" of registrations, type in:
Please note that the search engine is case sensitive when using one of the search filters.

The following fields are also indexed by this search engine but neither the fields nor their values are displayed in WMC:
  • cert_revoked:
  • created:
  • email_notification_sent:
  • full_name:
  • id:
  • reg_index:
  • xmpp_notification_sent:
See the documentation on the WMC for more information about these fields.

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