Penn works with its neighbors to build a better community.

The Penn Compact

Engaging Locally

Penn's commitment to West Philadelphia and the region.

Community Service at Penn

Programs and services that bring campus and community together:

Academically Based Community Service

Courses, internships and other academic programs that incorporate community service into the curriculum.

Barbara and Edward Netter Center for Community Partnerships

Penn's central administrative office for community partnership projects.

Civic House

Penn's community service hub, promoting student citizenship and outreach to the community.

Community Service Directory

A comprehensive guide to community service activities, courses and programs offered at Penn.

Penn Volunteers in Public Service (Penn VIPS)

Information for faculty and staff interested in participating in community service through Penn.

Student Service Groups

Student-run organizations serving the campus and the community.

Upward Bound and Veterans Upward Bound

Programs that give precollege students a head start on college and veterans an opportunity to earn a college degree.

Other Services and Initiatives

Community Housing

Information and services for prospective and current homeowners and renters.

Office of Government and Community Affairs

Penn's official liaison with local, state and federal government and community organizations.

Penn National Commission on Society, Culture and Community

Dedicated to carrying on thoughtful conversations about contemporary social issues.


Information for alumni who want to get involved with their communities, wherever they live.