Stretch your mind in small-group seminars, find out how to speed up your undergraduate career, get support for academic issues and learn about special undergraduate programs here.

Benjamin Franklin Scholars

General honors program at Penn, includes information on how to apply, qualifications and program requirements.

Academic Support Programs

Mentoring, Upward Bound programs, orientation, tutoring and learning.

Accelerating Study

Advanced placement, pre-college and transfer credit.

Career Services

Career planning and placement for students.

College of Liberal and Professional Studies

Undergraduate programs for adult, part-time, high school and post-baccalaureate students.

Freshman Seminars

Small classes bring freshmen from across the University into close contact with scholars and teachers from a wide range of disciplines.

Guest Student Program

For students at other colleges and universities who wish to spend a semester or two as a full-time Penn student.


Students suggest the topics for these small non-credit seminars taught by some of Penn's most distinguished faculty and staff members.

Penn Reading Project

A shared intellectual experience for incoming students.

Writing Program

The Writing Center, writing advisors, online advising, reference texts, essay contests.